Lucia Kováčová


Lucia works at SGI since July 2014. During her studies of Political Science and Public Policy at Comenius University in Bratislava she worked as an intern for several Slovak non-governmental organisations, such as CVEK and Milan Šimečka Foundation, where she focused mainly on minority inclusion issues. Additionally, she did an internship in the World Bank where as a research assistant participated in the project „Inclusion of Marginalized Communities in the Slovak Republic”. In 2014, she received M.A. in Public Policy from Central European University in Budapest with equality and social justice specialization. In the same year, Lucia was a part of „Young Professional Development Program“ of Open Society Foundations for young graduates with M.A. degrees in the social sciences and humanities. Since 2015, she has been a participant of the „FutureLab Europe“ programme for young professionals who are interested in public policies at the EU level.

Lucia is interested mainly in educational policies, especially in the context of inclusion of socially disadvantaged children and minority children, and in employment policies.