About us

Slovak Governance Institute (SGI), a non-profit, non-partisan civic association, was spun off from INEKO (Institute for Social and Economic Reforms) in October 2001 to create an NGO with a clear focus on good governance and public policy. SGI’s mission is to initiate and promote the search for solutions to improve the process of making and implementing decisions on the allocation of public resources to meet the society’s needs to ensure good, accessible, transparent and effective public services for the citizens of the Slovak Republic.

Institute SGI carries out following activities:

  • Preparing analyses of existing and upcoming public policies;
  • Researching different areas of public policy;
  • Publishing recommendations based on research and data;
  • Presenting our recommendations through various outputs (articles, scientific articles, policy papers);
  • Offering consultations and other educational activities for public service and other subjects;
  • Disseminating our findings and recommendations through various means (seminars, conferences, workshops);
  • Lobbying towards all interested parties, in order to implement evidence-based recommendations;
  • Encouraging actors from public sector towards active communication with citizens;
  • Encouraging citizens towards active approach and towards attempts to gain more information;
  • Informing general public through media outputs;
  • Networking with other non-governmental, non-profit organisations and key interested parties.