In April 2017 the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the SR Government for the Development of Civil Society (OPG DCS) started a three-year national project named Support of partnership and dialogue in the area of participative creation of public policies. The pilot scheme of the participative creation of public policies is the practical part of a project covering 12 pilot projects in the whole of Slovakia.

One of these is also a pilot project “Usage of public space on a local level”, which is taking place on a local level in cooperation with ODCS, Institute SGI, Alliance Old Market Hall and the City of Bratislava. Objective of the pilot project is the preparation of layout for public competition for reconstruction of the SNP square and the Kamenné square, which will be based on the participative processes. Our aim is also development of examples of good practice in participative activities in this area. In addition, an outcome of the project will also be an analysis of the previous attempts on implementation of participative policies in the capital.