Communication of social inclusion measures in Slovakia

By now, both growing body of analytical work as well as examples of good practice are available in relation to Roma inclusion. What remains to be problematic is the effective communication of pro-inclusion measures by the relevant authorities.

In Slovakia, local governments possess some substantial competences in several policy areas which are very important for the successful inclusion of Roma (e.g. education, housing). Except for the implementation of these policies, local governments’ representatives also play a crucial role in the process of their communication.

The aim of the project was to produce a proposal for local governments which could serve as a basis for the future preparation of practical communication guides in the area of social inclusion at the local level.

The project included:

(1) literature review on local government leaders perception on support from local population for Roma inclusion,

(2) literature review on support from local population for Roma inclusion, and

(3) two case studies of successful efforts to communicate and enforce Roma inclusion interventions at local level.